Venous treatment is a process

Question: I have had laser treatment to my legs. Why do I still have bulging veins?

Answer: During the initial consult in our vein clinic, we start a “process” that begins with an accurate diagnostic work-up.

This includes ultrasound testing and a mapping

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Treatment for veins depends on training and experience

Question: Should my primary physician or dermatologist treat my veins?

Answer: In the last several years, the practice of vein treatment has become a special area of expertise. Many types of physicians treat spider veins and even larger varicose veins as an additio

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It may seem cruel but it works

Question: Why do I have to wear support stockings?

Answer: Almost all of our patients dislike the stockings that are required in the treatment of many leg problems. If you are confined to bed or unable to walk, your doctor will order a specific type of stocking that is designe

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Understanding what vein specialists do?

Question: What should I expect when I have my legs evaluated by a vein specialist?

Answer: Over the past 20 years, the treatment of vein disease has grown into a special area of care that has revolutionized the approach and drastically improved the results of thera

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